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Changxing Ro-spring Company is located in Changxing of Zhejiang Province, close to Shanghai. We are the high-tech enterprises that specialized in developing and manufacturing new composite materials, the domestic professional manufacturer of the most superior BMC/SMC composite slatted flooring. Our…



BMC Composite Floor in Pig Farm

Pig farm use the BMC Pig slat floor is more and more Popular, In China, People aslo call it leakage dung plate. It is Suitable for pig farm equipment. BMC Slat floor is a new type …


Sow Leakage Dung Plate

High quality pig farm equipment pig flooring Bmc-- The Sow leakage dung plate The BMC leakage dung plate is a new kind of leakage dung board, which is composed of unsaturated r…

BMC Pig or Goat Slat Flooring System

Strong BMC Pig or Goat Slat Flooring System Pig farrowing crate includes sow locating frame, piglet fence, piglet incubator, slatted floor, feed trough for sow and su…

SMC Composite Telecommunication Manhole Chamber

Product Description 1>. Insulating material: Excellent materials with high insulation resistance; high power frequency dielectric strength; keeping good dielectric property …

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Changxing Ro-spring Road Facilities Co., Ltd

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Address: Huajin Road Lijiaxiang Industrial Park,Changxing County,Huzhou,Zhejiang

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